26 Oct. 2009

Love Chris Ware

Fall in love with Chris Ware's colors.

22 Oct. 2009

21 Oct. 2009


stage 1 assignment

3 motifs for watches, which are flower, dots(fashion), and summer.
Miss the days in Barbie Team...

Brochure Design for Eric Gill

stage 1 assignment

Design brochure, ticket & poster for Eric Gill's Typography Exhibition.

17 Apr. 2009


Nice website - MySoti

Create your own Artwork & T-shirt, and sell them online for Free !

I've already made some, go and have a look - San's Works

4 Apr. 2009

Assignments -2

2 postcards

view a bigger image please enter my portfolio

Assignments -1

Stage 1 is finished, upload some works here...

2 logos for the Elm Tree Inn

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New Work-Kinder Speak

Just finished a quick job for an English School - 
 Two books for kids English study.

18 Feb. 2009

More about me...

Personal work in 2006 - My Disposition

2 Feb. 2009

How am I?

People said San looked like
Princess in Princess Mononoke,
whose name is San, too. What a coincidence!

I love

the Outsiders' Art